Sunday, June 8, 2008

Book on Micro-Credit
Myth Manufactured
Unveiling appropriation of
surplus value and an Icon

preface by Doug Henwood
" It's no surprise that micro credit has become so fashionable over the decade or two. In a time when the public sector is scorned and the freedom most highly valued in elite discourse is freedom of trade, lending the poor little bits of cash to become micro entrepreneurs is the stuff of Noble-prize-winning `peace effort'. and when...." (see more on book)
edited by Farooque Chowdhury

from Africa
Patrick Bond
Micro Credit Snakes and Ladders between South Africa's `Two Economics'

from Asia

Farooque Chowdhury
Metamorphosis of the Micro Credit Debtor(Click for detail)
Modern Myth and Fallacy
Debt Death Desertion
Plight of the foremen in the Micro Credit "Industry"

Anu Muhammad
Monga, Micro Credit and the Nobel Prize(Click for detail)

Badruddin Umar
Poverty Trade of Grameen Bank
Grameen Bank: An Imperialist Scheme

Omar Tareq Chowdhury
Nobel-man's Un-noble Corporate Nexus(Click for detail)


Bosse Kramsjo
Micro Credit is no Cure-all Solution

Robert Pollin
Micro Credit: False Hopes and Real Possibilities

North America

Susan F. Feiner and Durcilla K. Barker
Micro Credit and Women's Poverty

Gina Neff
Micro Credit, Micro Results